Buddhist Teachings Of Buddhist Buddhism Essay

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Buddhist teachings in conjunction with the XVII Dalai Lama have an immense impact on the daily lives of Buddhist adherents worship and the formation of ethical decisions in regards to abortion. Buddhist teachings consisting of the Five Precepts, The Four Noble Truths, The Noble Eightfold Path, and the natural laws of Karma and Nirvana influence and guide adherents through important ethical decisions. Puja influences adherents as it sets out to seek clarification on Buddhist teachings, especially in regards to The Three Marks of Existence and the Three Jewels, in combination with ethical teachings, acting but act as guide for how Buddhists can live morally and worship correctly everyday in order to reach the ultimate goal of Nirvana.

The XVII Dalai Lama had a profound impact upon Buddhist adherents and the community alike through his exemplification of Buddhist teachings in everyday life, giving a modern context to the age old tradition. This can be specifically seen through his living out of the teachings, not just learning them. This is exemplified through his modelling Buddhist teachings, especially of the second Noble Eightfold path, right thought, which encompasses the central direction of Buddhism. The XVII Dalai Lama has modelled this teaching in his everyday life, as a way to guide adherents to following the middle way and ending Dukkha through the appreciation of the Noble Eightfold Path. This modelling can be most profoundly seen in the form of his reaction to the…

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