Buddhism Is A Religion Or Not? Essay example

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Many people have the misconception, especially in the Western worldview, that spiritual or religious life is somewhere in the sky or obtained by a god. We often believe that we have to give sacrifices and forget about our daily lives, venerating that god. But, Buddhism is so different from other religions that people sometimes question whether it is a religion or not. Buddhism is non-theistic, they think that believing in a god will not help you find the enlightenment we tend to seek. Instead of believing and memorizing doctrines, we learn the truth about ourselves. It 's about seeking yourself and your happiness to find that enlightenment. A better way to understand Buddhism, in my opinion, is to think of it as a discipline by following the teachings. For example, the Four Noble Truths; a form of relaxing the truth of the Truths by exploring them, understanding them, and then testing them with our own personal daily experiences. First is the truth of suffering, Dukkha, which can mean suffering, stress, dissatisfaction, discomfort, etc. We can get these feelings every day but in the end it is about how we take it and what we get out of it. Look out for the good times and the good fortune. Secondly is the origin of Dukkha, we begin to realize what cause these emotions, It is our desire and greed that lead us up to it. It 's okay to seek for what we love and find happiness in but the real issue is attachment. We tend to desire something in extremities in leads to…

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