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BTEC Extended Diploma In IT (QCF): Level 3
Unit 18: Database Design

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Deadlines: If you do not meet the deadlines for handing in your assignments you may not have your work marked. This could result in you failing the course unless there are exceptional circumstances which must be explained to your tutor and agreed by the Curriculum Manager. Your work should be returned to you marked
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Add, delete and modify information to all tables.

In addition, the following features must be incorporated into the database.

Employee gender and title must be consistent.
Employee gender must be either M or F.
All hardware serial numbers are composed of two alphabetic characters followed by four numeric characters.
All supplier records must have at least a first line of address and postcode entered.
Problems cannot be reported on future dates.
User prompts on the form where helpful.
It must not be possible to enter a supplier or employee that already exists.
When entering hardware details, the user can select hardware types from a list.

You are advised to research wherever possible and reference sources used.

Task 1 - P1 Explain the features of a relational database:
Write a report on the purpose and features of relational databases. Use screenshots to illustrate these features.

The report should include the following:
The purposes of databases.
Comparing relational databases to paper based systems.
Define entity and attribute.
Benefits of the relational model (e.g. reduced data redundancy).
The use of key fields and foreign keys in linking tables.
The method of creating many too many relationships.
The use of different Data types.
Describe the use of queries to extract data from linked tables.
(Written Report with screen shots).

Task 2 - P2 Design a relational database for a specified user need:

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