Btec Level 3 Business Essay

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Maisy Marsh

Assignment Three
Corporate communications is how a business keeps their message, with everybody. It isn't just how the company speaks to the marketplace, which is known as branding, or how the company deals with the media, which is called public relations. Corporate communications involves, the market, media, communities and the staff itself, through training sessions and messaging that always reinforces the mission and vision of the company. The worker in the department of corporate communication will often report directly to a company’s chief executive and serve as advisers in managing the company’s reputation. They help leaders prepare for media interviews, develop messages to deliver to investors and employees
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Communication professionals may respond directly to calls and emails from customers or the public with questions about a company’s plans or activities. They arrange for speakers from the company to make presentations to local community groups and may facilitate group tours of a company’s operations.
I have chosen a company who I work for which is Marks and Spencer. Marks & Spencer (M&S) is one of the UK's largest, best-known retailers and their brand has been synonymous with reliability, value and quality for generations. Marks & Spencer has been viewed as setting the standards that other retailers have striven to match over the years and, until recently, was recognised as one of
Britain's best-managed companies with an enviable track record of successful growth and profits.
The company has consistently been rated as Britain's 'most favoured company' in surveys among business leaders. The name Marks & Spencer, like Harrods, had become a national icon for British business in terms of honourable trading and, in complex ways, had become a cultural icon representing all that was fairness and just about the British character. However, Marks & Spencer's position as the UK's most successful retailer suffered a serious dent as a result of a media-led crisis that was to

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