btec 3 long haul Task 3 Factors assignment P3 M1 D1 Essay

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Kayleigh Marsh
Date: Tuesday 3rd March 2015
Submission Date: Wednesday 11th March 2015

Unit 8: Long Haul Destinations
Task 3: Explore the factors affecting long haul destinations
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Many things will affect people’s decision to travel, the destinations they choose and for how long they stay. Different destinations are affected by different factors, here we will explore these factors and the destinations they effect.

Time Zones & Length of flight

All journey times are given in local time which incorporates any addition or subtraction for GMT. This can cause confusion when working out journey times.
There is also
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The human cost of this horrific hurricane was a death toll of 285, also leaving thousands homeless.
This horrific storm cost the tourism industry in the area hundreds of millions daily in lost revenue and repairs, and spanned the 450 mile long Boston to Washington DC corridor, which is the most densely populated such stretch in the U.S. and is the location of the country’s most densely collected tourism infrastructure. Many holiday makers and travellers were put off greatly from travelling to this part of the USA, in October 2012 hotels saw a 25% decrease in their occupancy rate and 15% still in November.

Entry Requirements

Ruleslimactic conditions affect many parts of the world in different ways.tinations sk factor. by excessive rainfall leaving 100 po of entry for foreigners vary from country to country.
One entry requirement that is now common place with most long haul destinations is a visa. A visa is a stamp in your passport that permits you to enter a certain country for a certain period of time. There are different types of visas depending on the purpose of your visit e.g. work, student or holiday.
For some, the visa process is fairly straight forward and not to costly, however the process and fees are determined by things like where you come from, your personal back ground and which country you

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