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Human Services Needs Assessment Worksheet

Select three groups from the following list:

• People with a mental illness • Homeless individuals • Criminals • People with a mental disability • People with HIV or AIDS • People with a physical disability • Poor individuals • Older adults • Individuals with substance addictions • Survivors of domestic violence • Unemployed individuals

Using Ch. 2 of Human Services in Contemporary America, complete the table for the chosen groups by writing a 60- to 85-word response in each column. An example has been completed as a guide.

|Group |Conditions of or problems facing the |Unmet
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These |in foster care, sent to school, and, in |
| |Children need love, care, protection,|Children are vulnerable and need |organizations may help with food, |extreme mental health cases, be sent for |
| |and guidance from adults. Children |physical, mental, and emotional |shelter, financial help, and more. |treatment. |
| |can face mental health issues due to |protection. When a family is poor | | |
| |environmental problems, or they might|or homeless, the family may have |Some community mental health |Mental health organizations may provide |
| |have problems related to a mental |trouble meeting his or her needs. |organizations provide mental health |services, such as therapy and medication, |
| |disability. The needs of children may| |services to children and families. The|for those with mental illness. For |
| |vary based on specific conditions. |If the child is born with a mental|state health department provides |adolescents, care might be provided to |

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