Bryant Homes Home Case Study

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Question one:
First of all we should know some differences between the hard and the soft system, for example the hard system is:
Problem has definite solution, problem has a number of achievable goals, they answer the 'how' questions. These are some of the characteristics of the hard system method. The soft system method characteristics are like:
There are many problems to be solved, goals cannot be measured, less easily dealt with, has a non-definable complexity and it may have opportunities not only problems, stakeholders interpret problems differently, outcomes are learning, better understanding.
So that according to the above characteristics we are going to use the soft system method in this case and these are some of the problems that
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It has also enabled Bryant Homes to review the business and look at ways of improving the way that it carries out day-today business activities, as well as the way in which it sells homes.. World view
Bryant Homes Owner
Requirments and needs of Bryant Homes's users from Bryant Homes company Environmental constraints
Stage four: Conceptual model

Stage five: Comparison of Conceptual Framework with Rich Picture

comment Is it found in rich picture? Conceptual model
To be unique in the internet services than the other competitors yes 1-try to be up to date with the new services of the internet
To make the company worldwide. No 2-try to make more branches in other countries
To increase the number of customers yes 3-keeps on a good relation with the customers
It will increase the users and attracts them. no 4-make some
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Concern with whole and emerge from their parts.
2. Boundaries of systems are determined by perspectives of those who participate in formulating them. The result is a system of interest.
3. Combine individual perspectives which provide multiple partial perspectives.
4. Systems are characterized by feedback.
5. Systems cannot be understood by analysis of the component of part, but understood by studying the interconnections
6. Concentrate on basic principles of organization.
7. Contextual
8. Concerned with process
9. The properties of the whole system are destroyed when the system is divided. This is a systemic case because it is a mess problem and it should be solved by the soft system thinking, although this case has got some opportunities not only problems so that we can't solve it by the hard system and also we can't solve it by a systematic

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