Brutus Vs. Antony : Speech Essay examples

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Brutus Vs. Antony: Speech Edition Imagine losing a best friend. Imagine never getting to say goodbye to them after witnessing their last breath while being brutally murdered. Imagine having to stand in front of a crowd trying to reason their death with them while trying to comprehend the death itself. In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Mark Antony has to fill these dreadful shoes and take the first step in the right direction after witnessing the murder of his closest friend, Julius Caesar. In act three Antony stands in front of the group of Plebians after they have just listened Brutus, the conspirator’s, reasonings as to why Caesar needed to be killed. The crowd originally agrees with Brutus, but once Mark Antony uses his powerful speech devices, the commoners become much more engaged with Antony’s words which cause them to follow him instead of Brutus. Some people may believe Brutus’ leadership skills make him a great speaker, but Mark Antony’s powerful, raw words prove to have more power as he speaks in Act 3 of Julius Caesar. The raw words in which Mark Antony is speaking strongly uses the rhetorical strategy of Aristotle’s pathos. Since the commoners are dealing with the loss of their beloved soon-to-be king, they are extremely vulnerable. Antony uses their vulnerability and displays the strategy of pathos in order to make the crowd act on their emotions. The first three words Antony speaks to the crowd immediately shows his love for the people when he addresses them as…

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