Brothel Observation Essay

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Through analyzing the archaeological data, it has been determined that the site was most likely for middle class gentlemen, unlike the red light district, which was inhabited by sailors and people passing through the port city (Luiz). Therefore, the analysis of this site to create a meal will not be indicative of the majority of brothels from the time period, but only places that catered to those who were well off. This should be kept in mind during the outlining of the experiment.
Archaeological Evidence: Many of the artifacts found at the site provided insight about the dining patterns of both the women and the men who inhabited the brothel. During the excavation, there were many peach pits and grape seeds discovered (Luiz). When the average
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Through research of historical menus and cookbooks, it became apparent that popular tea time snacks included frosted fruit, and sponge cake. In order to incorporate the peach pits into the menu, a jelly cake was added, which is essentially a two layered sponge cake with jelly in the middle (Lea 120-121). In this case, the jelly was peach flavored. With this information, the experimentation process began.
Experimentation and Results: In order to make the peach marmalade, we used a recipe from Domestic Cookery, Useful Receipts, and Hints to Young Housekeepers, which was published in 1859. The recipe says:
Take soft yellow peaches, pare them, and cut them in quarters, give them their weight in sugar, put the peaches in the preserving kettle with a pint of water, without the sugar, and let them boil till they are well cooked, covered over with a plate, when done, mash them in the kettle till very fine, and stir in the sugar, let them cook slowly an hour, or they may be finished in a stone jar in the oven, or set in a stove boiler, and the water kept boiling all the time, they are not then so likely to burn as when finished over the fire, they will do with less sugar, if they are dried in the sun two days previous to preserving (Lea

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