My 25 Years As A Prostitute Analysis

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Sexual slavery changes children in many horrible ways. Brenda Myers Bowell said in the article "My 25 years as a prostitute" written by William Kremer, "The physical abuse was horrible, but the real abuse was the mental abuse"(Kremer). Some buyers stab or hurt the girls so bad that when another buyer does something like, not stab them or pay them extra they actually thank them that is how mentally messed up they are. The buyers did many horrible things that hurt girls mentally, emotionally and physically. Some girls recover while some others sadly don’t. People only think victims of child slavery get hurt physically but in reality, their emotions and minds get toyed with and change.
Many girls are emotional and when girls are victims of sexual
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Courtney Gilmore reporter for news website "Click 2 Houston" and writer of the article "Scars of a human trafficking victim" stated that "Even though she has been free for several years, the tattoo, which was put on her neck, has become a stumbling block and daily reminder of the turmoil she went through. "I'm always trying to cover it up. I don't look in the mirror often, because every time I see it, it brings back fear. I'm always scared that when I'm out somebody will see it that knows him and automatically know who I am because of the tattoo," she said"(Gilmore). The victim of human trafficking had some scars that faded away but sadly this tattoo that will never be erased is and will always be a reminder of the horror she had to go through. She may use make up to cover it up but at the end of the day she will see it and be reminded of the horror. While this victim got a tattoo to remind her of the horror there are other victims who have real scars from beatings and being tortured that remind them. Victim of human trafficking Anneke Lucas published on the website "Global Citizen" states that "My body is full of scars and every scar reminds me of the moment, I thought I was going to be killed"(Lucas). Anneke's body was full of scars and now she has escaped but the scars make her feel like she hasn’t escaped since the scars remind her of it. Physical abuse can leave scars to the victim and remind them the horrors and Anneke was tortured badly when she was 11 that the scars have lasted till now and she is 43 years old. Scars of the victims who were tortured and abused physically are just reminders of something the victims just wish to forget

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