Brooklyn : A Little Girl Name Brooklyn Essay

1332 Words Jan 8th, 2016 null Page
Its Monday March 2nd 2005, A little girl name Brooklyn is heartbroken because she was just told that she has to leave her home in New Jersey and move to Maryland. She is just sixteen and doesn 't want to leave behind the only friends she 's ever known,but soon moving day comes after a long drive they arrive at there new home. She goes in and goes upstairs to choose her new room. Her mom comes upstairs with some boxes. She ask her daughter how she likes there new home she fakes a smile and says its great mom. Her mother places down the box beside her doorway and goes back down to get more boxes. But deep down inside Brooklyn feels lost and alone she feels her depression trying to take her over. Brooklyn walks down stairs and tells her mom she`s hungry.Her mom don 't hear her but her step dad did. He told her that she was just looking for some attention to go back up stairs and stop complaining you 'll eat when your mother comes and gets you. Brooklyn felt her eyes fill with tears she runs upstairs and falls onto her unmade bed.A hour later her mom comes upstairs to get her and they go to joe`s burger shack down town to get something to eat. While there riding her and her mom is talking. Her mom starts to tell her shes going to be starting school next Monday. Brooklyn tells her mother that she didnt want to start school yet.her mom tells her that its gonna be okay. A new school,new people. You get to start fresh with everybody her mother smiles at her and says trust me…

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