Essay about Bronfenbrenner 's Ecological Systems Theory

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A psychological theory that correlates to the research that supports the relationship between seat location and academic performance is Urie Bronfenbrenner 's Ecological Systems Theory. Bronfenbrenner 's Ecological Systems Theory identifies five environmental systems in which an individual’s qualities interact with the There are five environmental systems, as the microsystem, the mesosystem, the macrosystem, and the exosystem, in which human development takes place. On an educational standpoint, this theory emphasizes the importance of family, teachers, schools, and the larger socio-cultural environment on the individual’s development.
The microsystem is the layer closest to the individual or the student. It contains structures that the individual has the most direct contact within their intermediate environment such as school. Research has found evidence that supports the idea that the classroom ecological context affects the students’ psychosocial development along with their cognitive development. At the microsystem level, relationships are bi- directional meaning the relationship could have a positive or a negative impact.
For instance, if a student were to preform negatively in school due to his seat location in the back of the room, he might display negative behavior, which could affect his relationships with his teacher, friends, or even his family. It could even affect his teacher, friends, and family’s beliefs; therefore interactions within the Ecological…

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