British Imperialism And Its Impact On India Essay

1250 Words May 13th, 2016 5 Pages
Throughout the world’s history imperialism has always appeared in almost every country. Imperialism has affected millions of lives around the world, some have prospered, some had no effect, and many of people died from imperialism. In India, there was no doubt that the British imperialism had some a big impact on India. Before the British imperialism, India was the home of many independent kingdoms, until a company called the “British East India Company” chartered by Queen Elizabeth centered India. The company fought against India in the Battle of Plessey where India lost its independence. Eventually the Indians wanted independence and the Sepoy Rebellion was the push they needed to try. They had to push the British Raj out of India. By 1885 the Indian National Congress party came into power. Some might say that without the British, India wouldn’t have western technology such as railroads, which is true. However even with so much technology provided, there was many cases of faminese. British Imperialism negatively impacted India because the government only favored the British, added taxes for the Indians, and caused discrimination against the Indians. Throughout the British Imperialism, the British was heavily impacted India. One example was the railways. According to “Innumerable bridge with 40,000 miles of railway and 70,000 miles of metalled road were made by the skills of British engineers.” (source). “Indian started to travel to other parts of India. Villages to big…

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