Essay about British Imperial Power Of North America

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In 1763 British imperial power in North America was at its apogee. Subsequently, many problems arose by the Indian revolts in the Ohio Valley when colonists saw the west as their proper domain for settlement and trade.The English government immediately on acting on this proclaimed the area west of the Alleghenies closed to inhabitance with the issuing of the Royal Proclamation. This had offended many colonials who looked forward to exploring these regions, which was followed by further irritation as British administrators negotiated treaties with the First Nations people and worked out arrangements for a garrisoned border to protect them from one another.
A decade followed during which the dormant potential for American independence matured and came to a head. Colonial politicians used provocative British legislation to radicalize American politics by making colonists believe that the liberty they already enjoyed was in danger. Ironically, Great Britain at this time by a succession of ministers anxious to carry out reforms in colonial affairs set out their intentions helped to destroy a status quo previously proved workable. Moreover, they provided an example of what was to become a frequent phenomenon of the next few decades: the goading of vested interests into a rebellion by well-meant but politically ill-judged reforms. Nevertheless, one of the principles firmly grasped in London was for the Americans to pay a proper share of the taxes which contributed to their defense…

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