How Did Benjamin Franklin Influence The British Government

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Benjamin Franklin, mostly known by millenniums as the face on the one hundred dollar bill. Ben Franklin was one of the founding fathers of The United States of America. Among other attributes, he was a well respected Diplomat, a curious being at heart, who was also a scientist and an inventor. He was vocal and argued against slavery, making him one of the first abolitionists. Despite the fact that he only had a few years of formal education, Ben Franklin lived in London for several years and held royal appointments.
Stamp Act After the Seven Year War, Britain was in financial ruins, looking to make money out of anything possible. That’s when the Stamp Act was signed. The Act imposed the colonists to pay taxes to the British government, over
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The impact of the French and Indian War on interior Indian tribes was devastating. Despite winning, the British Empire dug itself in a financial hole, creating huge debt and unfinished business between the british and the colonies. In return, the colonies learned that they too could unite forces and fight the new common enemy: British. After their loss, the French left the colonies’ territories and consequently the British government decided to impose a proclamation that denied the right to the colonists of expanding territories west of Allegheny Mountains. In order to reinforce the ‘law’, permanente british forces paid by taxes gathered from the colonies, were placed in the region, generating anger and spearheading the roots of the American revolution. For the natives who belonged of the interior Indian tribes life was not better after the war. The ones, who were in cahoots with the French, were now seen as a problem and as far as both colonist and british forces were concerned, they had to go. The natives who decided to be on the british side soon lost strength, the confederacy fractured, and quickly the British took control of the Ohio

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