Essay on Britain And The European Union

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On June the 23rd 2016 a historic moment happened for Britain, the EU and even the world. It was announced that Britain had voted to leave the European Union. With this came lot of uncertainty for the future of the countries and organizations involved. However, for some it was viewed with great happiness and the building blocks to making Britain great again. Britain is still deciding how, when and even if they will leave, with multiple options ahead of them. The future implications or benefits are still yet to be seen, but many are predicting Britain will regret leaving.
The European Union as a committee of 28 European countries. It started of small with only 6 countries but has grown with stature. The main purpose of the EU is to help the member countries grow economically by supporting growth, bridging economic gap and allowing free movement of trade and people within the member countries. It gets its funding from the members receiving 0.7% of the national income, 0.3% of tax revenue and a big share from imports from non EU countries. Britain’s main importer and exporters were the countries part of the EU. Britain contributed about 8.5 billion pounds each year, the 3rd most of member countries. But the benefits and return from the EU is considered not enough and Britain feels like they are drawing the short straw. The decision making in the EU is also considered to be flawed, with many stupid laws and rules imposed on all countries. Like the fact you can’t recycle teabags…

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