Essay on Bringing Young Carers Out Of The Shadows By Grant Charles

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The first piece of literature that I read was titled “Bringing Young Carers Out of the Shadows” and was written by Grant Charles. This article was published in the fall of 2011 for the journal “Reclaiming Children & Youth”. There are many strengths that this article possesses. In the introduction there is a very profound statement “We see the presenting issues but do not see the more powerful underlying dynamics occurring on a daily basis within the family. We see some of the struggles the family is experiencing but do not recognize the coping mechanisms the family members are utilizing nor the strengths they have, even though they are often dealing with very difficult situations.” (Charles 2011). This statement set the entire mood and theme for the article. Mr. Grant the author proposes several hypothetical interventions. One of the main things that Mr. Grant suggests is to build screening device to identify these children. He proposes that “In order to do this, we need to build in screening mechanisms in adult and child mental health services, child protection services, adult and child health services, and the education system so as to identify families in which young people have to step forward to care for other family members” (Charles 2011). I believe that this would be an effective intervention, due to the fact that a young carer is very hard to identify, and that young carers tend to stay hidden away from society. Another intervention that is proposed within this…

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