Brief Summary: Castillo De San Marcos

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Castillo de San Marcos, is one of the first successful forts entirely made of stone. For tourists, everywhere you look you could see something that exist in the 16 hundreds. The fort has endured many wars and conflicts,but still stands tall in Augustine Texas . Castillo de San Marcos would be a very interesting memorial to visit.

The fort is an oddly shaped memorial. It’s shape is a square with an empty center, and diamond shaped peers on each corner to look out on.The fort is entirely made of limestone, along with material called coquina.When the two materials came together, it was very helpful to the Spaniards that were hiding inside. When bombs were fired at the fort, they got stuck in the walls of stone. The huge masonry fort, sits on 20.5 acres of land from corner to corner, and Castillo is
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Built over 333 years ago, this monument is the oldest masonry fort around to this day. Opened in 1695, designed by Ignacio Daza, and built by Lorenzo Lajones along with lots of other masters of construction. Castillo San Felipe Del Morro, was honored with two forts. Castillo De San Marcos, and another fort called Castillo san Felipe del Morro, in Puerto …show more content…
The fort has fifteen rooms entirely made of coquina. In every room, there is a different exhibit, including a theater! With walls twelve feet tall and four meters thick, they protected lots of people when the British burned the city outside the fort down. 1,200 Spanish citizens and 300 American soldiers survived inside the fort. Castillo de San Marcos had been in possession of many different countries.First the Spanish built it, then the British won it over a treaty, then back to the Spanish, and finally the United States.Visiting the Castillo de San Marcos would be a very interesting and fun trip to go

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