Bribery As An Inhumane Business

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brain damaged and on a wheelchair because of a collision accident. Walmart sued the Shanks for the money spent on her medical care (Listverse, 2011). This example shows how Walmart acted in an inhumane business ethical way.
A very common unethical behavior is the act of bribery. An act that can never be justified under any circumstances is bribery (James Jr, 2002). Expanding a business into the global market causes major ethical challenges. Due to different traditions values, ethics and beliefs multiple issues may occur when going a company decided to go global. An act that can be observed in The United States of America and in other countries as well is bribery. In their book, Lawrence & Weber (2014) define bribery as an uncertain
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Ikea motivates its workers to act ethically and morally. Ikea’s corporation values include honesty, responsibility, sustainability and simplicity. Unfortunately, the furniture corporation faced employee fraud. Bilski explains how Suraj Samaroo issued himself refunds of purchases made by customers. In less than a year, after mastering the company’s online orders system Samaroo was able to steal $400K from the company (Bilski, …show more content…
Good working conditions for the employees in the workplace will help to minimize the number of employee fraud, theft, and dishonesty. Even though H&M is one of the most famous fashion clothing stores, the company acted unethically toward its workers. Cambodian workers had to face miserable and the worst working conditions while manufacturing H&M products. H&M failed its commitment to social responsibilities by not caring about the company’s work atmosphere (IndustriALL, 2012). Companies can improve their performance by creating an ethical program to help to maintain moral values and beliefs within the business firm. Usually, the programs depend on a high level of management that influences other workers. NetApp is the third best company to work for, after Google and SAS. NetApp has a program called Catch Some One Doing right (Hackett, 2014). The program motivates workers to act ethically and work harder to reach the company’s goals. The Vice Chairman of NetApp, Tom Mendoza, assures that if the employees feel appreciated, the company will have a better ethical culture (Hackett,

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