What Are The Effects Of The United Kingdom's Migration From The European Union

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I. Introduction On June 24, 2016, the citizens of the United Kingdom voted in favor for their departure from the European Union. For the past forty years, the United Kingdom has been a member of this peaceful union which is comprised of twenty-seven other European countries. The union enacts Article 50, a law that allows these countries to exit the union at will. In the events that have followed the in-favor vote to depart from the EU, little action has taken place. The nations that form the European Union have made strong contributions to the global economy, and this decision of whether to leave or stay will send international shockwaves. The effects of the United Kingdom’s departure will be felt around the world, and all of the other nations …show more content…
According to the Office of National Statistics, in 2015 alone nearly 330,000 people immigrated and stayed inside the country. Many of these immigrants are from surrounding European nations, and as more arrive, it has created huge tensions on the public services available. The problem is that all members of the European Union must follow a free movement of labor policy. This means that any citizen of the twenty-seven other EU nations are allowed to migrate to Britain and look for work. The UK’s departure from the EU will end the automatic right for any EU citizens to have the ability to live and work in the UK. According to a CNN article published days before the Brexit vote, Brexit supporters believe once the UK departs from the EU, a “Australian-style points based immigration system” should be set up. This system ranks the eligibility for immigrants to obtain citizenship through ranking certain skills and qualifications believed to be beneficial to the British economy. The United States discussed introducing a point-based system to their immigration laws. The United States immigration system has been suffering from current inefficiencies and slow processes, which has damaged the nation’s appeal for foreign talent. After the years of success Canada has made since introducing a point-based immigration policy in 1967, much support for introducing this system has been made by Washington. If Great Britain changes to a point-based immigration system any current EU citizen working and living in Britain will be granted immunity, but the ability to set up this system will allow Britain to take control over the influx of

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