Discuss The Benefits Of Leaving The European Union

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Britain must stay and improve its current terms in the European Union

There have been noticeable increases in calls for the UK to consider leaving the European Union. It costs Britain thirty-three million pounds a day to be a member of the European Union. At that cost many argue the United Kingdom must renegotiate its current terms. Indeed, our existing membership is valuable as it brings economic benefits; by being a Member State of the European Union, the United Kingdom is part of the world’s largest single market which generates jobs, revenue and allows for easy trade within Europe. We could improve the current terms, but alternatives are possibly worse. It would be a significant error to pull out. The economy would suffer; our overall influence on global matters would also be
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Since many companies operate within the European Union’s free trade laws. Companies such as Goldman Sachs, employ 7,000 European staff; 6,000 of these employees are here in the UK. Goldman is one of the world’s leading financiers; they have stated that it will move much of its European business out of London alone if Britain leaves the EU. Thus leaving the European Union will strangle the life out of our economy as many others may follow. Barclays bank, which receives up to 15% revenue from European markets, could be affected by the amount of business done within the European Union. Big businesses such as car manufactures like Ford, Hyundai and Toyota, along with the Confederation of British Industry, have warned against Britain leaving the EU. European trade is critical to the UK’s economy. Leaving the EU, could put this important aspect of our economy under threat. We cannot take for granted how much trade and how many jobs would be lost if we left the EU. Leaving could put the UK into colossal crisis. We could fall into a deep hole, and thousands could become unemployed. This could force us back into a

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