Breastfeeding Is The Best Form Of Nutrition For Babies Essays

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Child-led weaning is loosely defined as allowing a child to continue breastfeeding for an extended amount of time, or until he or she weans naturally. Multiple forms of research have proven breast milk to be the best form of nutrition for babies. Additionally, as the child grows, the composition of the mother’s breast milk changes in order to best fulfill the nutritional needs of the child. It is not uncommon for women to initiate breastfeeding at birth. However, a study performed on over 500 women in Pennsylvania showed that mothers often discontinue breastfeeding around the same time of introducing solid foods. “By the time the infant was six months old, only thirteen percent of these were still breastfeeding” (Samir et. al). The World Health Organization recommends that infants are exclusively breastfed for six months and then gradually fed solid and whole foods while continuing breastfeeding until at least two years old in order to meet the children’s ever evolving nutritional requirements. However, breastfeeding goes beyond food. Research has found that breastfeeding provides many health benefits for the child such as reduced risk of obesity, increased level of intelligence, and it is a safer and healthier alternative method to bottle feeding. Additionally, breastfeeding provides many health benefits for the mother as well; reduced risk of rheumatoid arthritis, reduced risk of breast cancer, and a lower risk of developing type two diabetes to name a few. Mothers who…

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