Breast Fed As Well As Formula Fed Essay

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In this paper, I will emphasize on breast-fed as well as formula-fed. There are many women that either chooses to breast-feed or not. With breastfeeding, “The major factors that affect prevalence and duration of breastfeeding include maternal race/ethnicity, education, breast diseases, inadequate breast milk production, employment, length of maternity leave, inadequate knowledge regarding breastfeeding, lack of familial and societal support, and lack of guidance and encouragement from health care professionals” (Jing, Lin, &Yun, p. 4). Women may feel overwhelmed by breastfeeding their child. If the woman is not a stay at home mom, it is often hard for the woman to feed the child when they are hungry. It is a lot of pressure for the women to fulfill, and often times can make the women feel stressed.
Breastfeeding has been around for centuries, but yet women have moved away from breastfeeding and moved to bottle-feeding with formula. There may or may not be people that are educated about the benefits of breast-fed, but it is up to the women whether chooses to do so or not. One concern with formula is there are not enough nutrients whereas breast milk includes many health benefits to pregnancy such as the “ideal food for infants, as it provides adequate energy and nutrients to meet the infants’ need” (Jing et al., p.4). Breast milk is safe and contains antibodies which formula does not, however, breastfeeding could reduce the risk of neonatal infection, gastrointestinal…

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