Breast Cancer Awareness And Awareness Essay

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Name: Alysse Charlesworth

“Know Your Lemons” – Breast Cancer Awareness Anyone can put a pink ribbon on anything but the problem occurring with these breast cancer awareness products is they fail to provide any real education or effect change in health behaviors. Many people don’t understand that breast cancer can be present in other ways besides lumps. It was found that the public didn’t know what a cancerous lump might feel like or what puts them at risk for breast cancer.

Breast cancer awareness needs to be more than save ta-ta bummer stickers and colorful I [heart] boobies bracelets. Awareness needs to educate. As spokesperson for the Miss America Organization I want to spread genuinely useful information that can help women and men increase their understanding of breast cancer and affect meaningfully changes within their own healthy lifestyles trough my personal platform “Know Your Lemons” - Breast Cancer Awareness.

The use of ‘lemons’ is a creative way to educate those within the community about breast cancer without censorship, embarrassment or the uncomfortable conversation associated with breasts. The American culture has created a taboo that often relates back to the sexually nature of the breast. My platform “Know Your Lemons”- Breast Cancer Awareness, would allow me to remove these taboos and spread the message of breast cancer through a visual metaphor of lemons representing the breast. The creators of these educational materials, Worldwide Breast Cancer,…

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