Aflond Cancer Case Study

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Caner does not discriminate against who it will affect, from young to old, male or female, it touches a person’s life in some way or another. There has been advances in detection and treatment of cancer, even though the rate of death from cancer has declined of the years, it still is a one of many leading causes of death that is in the United States. Breast cancer was at a high for deaths with females, 20.7 out 100,000 females died in 2007 (Healthy People, 2015).
The Alfond Cancer Center is located in Augusta, Maine. Maine General wants people to have a worry-free experience when dealing with their cancer. The Breast Care Program addresses the health and over all well-being of a person, whether it’s a women or a man. They help by maintaining
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The treatments include care of benign breast disease, fibrocystic breast condition, Breast cancer, new breast lumps and breast pain. From a biopsy to treatment they provide the following: Education about the breast and any disease associated with it, if there is genetic factors, to the lymphedema, to other breast problems, access to the different support services the offer, risk assessments, an expedited appointment with the cancer experts, assistance in helping ta patient in coordinating health insurance coverage for a procedure, how to help with symptom management, even help with coordination a second opinions. The Cancer Center understands that it can be stressful to wait for test results, they work closely with the doctor to get the test results back to a person quicker. They also offer a support group called The Circle of Friends Breast Cancer. They meet once a month for two hours talking about any problems that they may have (Maine General Health, 2015). It is a need to educate people on breast cancers, the American Cancer Society has established guidelines to for early detection. Women who are around the age of twenty and over should complete self-breast exam on a monthly basis. Women that are between the ages of twenty to forty should have a breast exam done every three years by a physician. Women should have a mammogram by the …show more content…
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