Brazil : The Largest Country Essay

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With an enormous population of 205,823,665, Brazil is the largest country located in South America. (The World Factbook, 2016) Brazil is a beautiful country filled with a diverse collection of citizens and cultures. Even though there is diversity amongst cultures, their language is what unites the people of Brazil and something almost 100% of Brazilians have in common. Portuguese is the most commonly spoken language in Brazil. (Advameg, Inc., 2016) Many may have the misconception that Spanish is spoken here, however, the language dates to when the country was founded by Portuguese navigator, Pedro Alvares Cabral. Brazil’s economy has been at the top for many years. Being the largest country in South America, their economy has also been the largest in South America. However, in recent years Brazil’s economy has face some hardships and has been in a recession. ( The Heritage Foundation, 2016) Brazil is a land rich in natural resources, principally iron ore, bauxite, manganese, nickel, uranium, gold, gemstones, oil, and timber
When considering Brazil’s economy, there are certain aspects that play a bigger role in the development of the economic system: the role of government, the role of the community, and the role of institutions.
Historical and Cultural Background
The history of Brazil dates to April 1500 and was originally named Ilha de Vera Cruz. Occasionally, the country is divided into five regions, which are used for the Brazilian census and to correspond to cultural,…

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