Class In America By Gregory Mantsios Analysis

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The article titled “Class in America--2012” by Gregory Mantsios examines the state of the division of the economy in America, thus creating different classes that separate citizens. The author discusses how Americans sometimes choose to ignore the issue, or are simply ignorant to it. I think that this article is entirely correct. I agree with the standpoint of the author and appreciate the credible sources that he utilizes. Americans today are often misinformed and often oblivious to some harmful economic classes that have developed over time in this country. Not only are they being restricted in their long-term ambitions, but they are also delusional and sometimes being taxed emotionally and not knowing why. Mantsios’s article presents convincing information as it informs readers of the divide of economic classes in America, and explains that it is an issues that all Americans are affected by.
What are there class divides present in America and are they harming citizens? In 2012, the economy in America was on a slow but steady climb, making it possible to for citizens to prosper, however, moreso for the “upper-class” citizens than others. The author of the article is named Gregory Mantsios. He the director of the Joseph S. Murphy
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He also appears to be a fellow citizen who is simply concerned about others. The author is a successful editor and author, and he is the director of of a prominent educational organization in New York City. The author consistently shows good will and respect for his fellow citizens. The author’s tone in this article is a good balance of academic and friendly. His tone appeals to readers because, although he sounds like a very knowledgeable expert on the topic, his tone indicates that he truly cares that readers are informed about the topic and are able to make changes in their lives and dispute the state of the economics of our

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