Brave New World Uses Science Essay

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Brave New World uses science to create what they perceive to be a perfect society, a utopia of sorts. However they suppress natural human responses and condition the people to the nature of the “ideal” human, which some come to eventually understand, and wake up from. As John learns more about the BNW he may try to convince people that there way of thinking is unnatural, and unjust. However the higher powers will suppress him and try to condition him to join them. It is possible indeed that he just eventually gives in to these new ideals of pleasure. The relationship between Bernard and Lenina will only get more complicated as Bernard is feeling love instead of lust, which is taboo in their society. He may be able to convince Lenina to change but it is unlikely as she is heavily conditioned.
A theme in the novel is human impulses. In BNW, conditionings to encourage all humans engage in sex with as many people as desired. In previous generations, institutions such as marriage would control these impulses. People tried to confine their impulses, buy when they no longer could, such institutions unraveled. By abolishing institutions such as marriage and encouraging erotic behavior that society once considered immoral, the leaders of the new world have gotten rid of the inherent dangers of these sexual impulses. So basically to make it not dangerous, they make everyone do it

BNW Journal Response # 2 The mentality of happiness is mostly that everyone should…

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