Brandthink Essay

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The Malaysian advertising landscape is gradually shifting its traditional media forms to the emergent new media advertising but still at a nascent stage. The latter shows much room for growth, as the industry fuels to content digitisation on web applications. This has shown when RM14.9 million worth of advertisements was spent on the Internet medium in the first half of 2008. Propelling further to this, the TV medium is creating new media technologies to include ads on applications of mobile video streaming and broadcast mobile TV services. However, this might dampen if Malaysia’s broadband penetration and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) literacy does not improve. With Government’s
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This manifesto is how our agency strives to live by to be a great agency for our clients. * MANIFESTO 1: Integrity
Great agencies have integrity. Trust gained from our reputation is the ultimate reward. * MANIFESTO 2: Do it well
Only do something when we know we can do it well and do it to the best of our abilities. Only then would clients trust in our ability to deliver. That’s how a great agency gains a great reputation. * MANIFESTO 3: Love All Thy Clients
We will love the client and do what we can to help them. That makes the agency a great agency to work with. * MANIFESTO 4: Remember the small things
Only when we excel in doing the small things can we be entrusted with great things. * MANIFESTO 5: Zero Bullshit
If there isn’t anything good to say – we say nothing at all. * MANIFESTO 6: Be willing to roll up your sleeves and dig in
We will do whatever it takes to overcome challenges because we know all too well that when we are responsible for something, we should never be too high up there to roll-up our sleeves and dig. * MANIFESTO 7: Everyday is a learning curve
We will never overestimate ourselves no matter how big we grow and continually challenge ourselves to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge. * MANIFESTO 8: Never give up. Never surrender.
If we just bow out, we will never become a great agency. * MANIFESTO 9: If you must give something up, quit gracefully.
In that dire of circumstance, great agencies

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