The Importance Of Unit Based Nurses In Nursing

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There are three professional organized groups at my facility that are in charge of new policies and procedures that get introduced, tested and implemented, including Unit Based Councils (UBC), Policy and Procedure Advisory Group (PPAG) and Professional Nursing Council (PNC).
The UBC provides a forum for dialogue and communication among professional nurses (RNs) at the point of impact, the patient care unit level. The UBC works together with nursing staff in the care unit to identify and resolve clinical practice and patient/family care issues and participates in shared decision-making through collaboration with patient care unit leadership. This group consists of Registered Nurses who currently work on hospital unit, the manager of clinical
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This group consist of every chair and co-chair member of the patient care units of the hospital, 2 managers of clinical operations, 1 clinical information systems representative, 1 advanced practice nurse, nurse researcher, 2 nursing professional developmental educators, 1 registered nurse from quality and safety, and 1 administrative director. This group has numerous responsibilities which include but not limited to assist patient care units in the monitoring and evaluation of quality and safety of patient care through outcomes measurement, assist in the evaluation of quality initiatives within the Nursing Quality Plan and the organizations quality plan, represent nurses in developing, revising, implementing, and directing the clinical nursing standard including care, practice, and performance, facilitate education of nurses on the value and process of nursing research and utilization of research findings, integrate research findings into nursing practice and policies, evaluate the effectiveness of the nursing research program and evidence-based practice initiatives, support nursing education and professional leadership development based on needs assessment and/or recommended by Nursing Coordinating Council in conjunction with education department, develop and sustain principles of nursing care delivery through relationship-based …show more content…
It all begins with an access form. Any nurse can fill out an access form, raising a question or making a suggestion for a change in a practice. The access form goes first to the unit UBC and, if it is in reference to a hospital-wide policy, it would be sent by the UBC chair into the professional practice model (PPM). The entry point for access forms in the PPM is the Coordinating Council (CC). Questions or concerns related to policies and procedures, the CC forwards the access form to the Policy and Procedure Advisory Group. The PPAG addresses the nurses ' inquiry and reports back to the nurse and the CC. These council and group meetings are open to any nurse at any time to attend and have input. If the access form in accepted and change is advisable the suggested change is put through a test of change with a small group of nurses, patients, doctors (whichever is appropriate). The test of change is observed over a period of time and the results of the change whether positive or negative are taken back to the appropriate council. If the results are positive and benefits are seen to patients or staff the change is implemented house wide and policies are written or updated. House-wide changes triggers education to follow the new policy or procedure. All staff are expected to know and follow all policies and procedures for employment in the organization

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