Essay on Brake Systems

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Chapter 1: Overview of ETA CARS
ETA Ascon Group
ETA ASCON Group is primarily a Contracting firm in the U.A.E. with expertise ranging from Civil Construction to Electro Mechanical, Elevator Engineering and Facilities Management. Since its inception in 1973, the firm has numerous landmarks in the Emirates that stand as a testimony to the firm’s engineering capabilities. The company is a part of Al Ghurair Group of Companies, who are the most revered and leading business house in the United Arab Emirates.
ETA ASCON has enumerable divisions in every sector related to the construction industry like Joinery and Interiors, Low Voltage Switchgear Panels, Elevators, Structural Steel fabrication, Composite Aluminum Cladding, Facility Management,
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Continued investment is the very latest equipment and employing well-experienced and qualified personnel, supported by a comprehensive stock of Spare Parts ensures that the company is able to offer clients expertise, which is the best.
The Workshop remains open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on all 7 days and Customer can give their vehicles for service and maintenance at any time in the day and delivery of the vehicles can be organized even after the working hours with prior arrangements in the Reception.

SERVICES OFFERED Computer Diagnosis Electrical Repairs ATM / Manual Transmission Overhauling Air conditioning Repairs Brake Repairs Clutch Assembly rebuilding Engine re-conditioning Differential overhauling Major Mechanical Services

Mission reate a Bond with Customers. chieve Total Customer Satisfaction. ender Reliable Service, in Time and Every Time. trive for Continual Improvement in All Our Activities.
Taking care of your vehicles is a major factor in achieving efficiency and safety on the roads. This is where CARS comes to the aid of Owners

A brake is a mechanical device that retards or inhibits motion. It uses friction to convert the kinetic energy (moving cars etc.) into heat energy.
There are two types of brakes:
• Disc Brakes: The Disc

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