Bp : A Project Goes Overdue Or Over Budget? Essay example

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BP was having a problem with the amount of contractors they were employing and the amount of money that was being funneled to these contractors. The extent in which BP was relying on contractors caused them to lose control over the projects that the contractors were completing. This in demonstrated with the company not even having a number of how many contractors they had employed, to the point where they had to stop counting (O 'Brien & Marakas, 2013). Having too many contractors puts projects out of the view of managers which can cause problems if the project goes overdue or over budget. Essentially, the dependence of PO’s IT organization on external contracts resulted in difficulties in maintaining control of the IT department due to the majority of them not actually belonging to BP.
When a company needs to focus on its core business it might be wise to use contractors to address IT issues not directly related to the business field in which they operate. For example, Albertson’s, a U.S. based grocery chain, outsources IT positions that allows them to spend more time and effort on business practices that benefit their corner of the market. Another benefit to using outside contractors for IT business solutions is the avoidance of adding more staff to BP’s payrolls. Upfront costs may be noticeable when hiring outside resources but certain cost of benefits that must be paid to BP’s regular employees are avoided. BP is not responsible to pay for expenses to contractors such…

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