Boston Massacre Causes

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Throughout the seven reasons of the Revolution were highly affected all have significance to the cause. This is definitely not a simple task to rank the events from highest to lowest, especially since these were extremely to the King rebolting to the colonists ' '. All of these had had a high significance to the King of England revolting against the colonists. The French and Indian War, The Proclamation of 1763, Sugar Tea Act, Stamp Act,Townshend Act, Boston Massacre,Boston Tea Party and Intolerable Acts. The Boston Massacre is the most important to the cause of The American Revolution. To began at my first importance would be the Boston Massacre. The Boston Massacre was the most important and significant to the King of England, King George. It started in 1770 the main cause, the fight over jobs. A clash started between the British Soldiers and the Colonists during the Colonist protest. Historians to this day are very unaware of who actually started the Massacre as in who fired the first shot.British Soldiers and Protesters kept …show more content…
In 1754 the British Invaded the colonies. The Main argument would be colonies of New French and British as who would receive the colonies in the upper North which is now Canada. In 1774 the Government of Virginia dispatched colonel George Washington to put his troops into the Ohio River Valley to fight against the British. This was start of not only the start of the French and Indian War it was the start of the American Revolution.
Throughout my knowledge of the American Revolution the importance of the events I have listed are majorly significant to the start of the American Revolution. I will continue to support my reasoning in an affectionsist matter. The Boston Massacre will be forever number one due to the complicity of the event brought out so much attention throughout the world. However only to become a seaming to more than five people of

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