Boston Children 's Hospital As A Parent, Sibling, Or Family Member Of A Child

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As a parent, sibling, friend, or family member of a child, being told that they have cancer is one of the most heartbreaking moments anyone can experience. The instant when your stomach drops to the floor, your heart feels heavy in your chest, and the feeling of devastation suffocates you making it almost impossible to breathe. From that very second and on, people have to keep their hopes up and confide in professionals to treat their little one with love and compassion through this tough time. Due to a welcoming environment, outstanding hospitality, and extreme professionalism, there is no better place to go to than the countries best, Boston Children’s Hospital.
For starters, Boston Children’s Hospital is incredibly child oriented with an extremely pleasant environment. The children are given patient ID bracelets at the time of check in that has teddy bears on them instead of standard, plain, white ID’s received at most hospitals. The ambiance of this hospice is exceptionally hospitable as well. For example, the hospital walls, windows, hallways, and ceilings have stunning vivid and glistening images for children to gaze at and embrace. This is no typical infirmary that consists of dreary, tedious colors that make the building lifeless. The Boston Children’s Hospital has a burst of life as soon as one marches into the building, making the patients feel like a normal person and not just be identified as someone who is ill. The rooms are clean and tidy; not to mention, a TV…

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