Born Global Case Study

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The Born Globals begin with the leaders who holds the solid industry and international experience, unique knowledge, unique know-how that make them to bring creative methods into the international market. [12]And are motivated by desire to develop the market, which can bring him more benefits. Besides, the global vision of the leader is very essential, and it can makes him identify a true international business opportunity. Once the opportunity is identified by the managers, the company should take action quickly to desseminate its innovation and grasp the market share before the competitors arrive.

What risks should be managed for the born global company?

Not only the born global companies, every company will encounter kinds of risks if they want to make global business. And companies should know how to manage the risks or how to minimize them to the greatest extent. Only through managing the risks well, then the companies can make a successful global business.

There are several kinds of risk should be noticed

1) Political risks
As we all know, the born global companies is aiming at the foreign markets. If they want to make global business
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The financial crisis still have some negative effect on today’s market. And it also can bring the born global company a severe financial management problem in the next year. So it’s every urgent to manege it. And there are a couple of ways to manage it efficiently. One way is to build the safeguards to minimize the negative impacts of the low frequency and the financial beings. The CFO of the company should make sure that the company now is capital oriented and emphasizing gaining the cash instead of the growth. Also updating the financial competence of the born global company is also every necessary and urgent. Finally, the born global company can build a good relationships with the

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