Discrimination In M. I. A.'s Song 'Born Free'

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M.I.A.’s song “Born Free” has an extremely controversial music video that raises awareness to the fact that oppression and discrimination are still extremely relevant in todays modern society. The director of the music video is Romain Gavras. The way the electronic music duo delivered their message has been criticized for being far fetched because it depicts a government like group geocoding innocent redhead boys. Instead of analyzing the video as being too far fetched, I believe M.I.A. uses this format to prove a point that no matter who it is being marginalized in society, they are still just a group of people that have minor differences from other groups of people. I can not imagine anyone in the world would agree that other people should …show more content…
Contrary to popular belief, this practice that we most likely see as archaic, compared to todays fast-paced and modern world, is still prevalent in less developed countries across the planet. The root for such hate to kill for comes from discrimination which leads to forward oppression. Humans of many different time periods have discriminated other groups of humans for invalid reasons ever since the beginning of mass civilization. Differences should be celebrated in life, but way to often, differences hold individuals back from fulfilling their true potential. This happens for reasons that should have never began but still hold so much stigma in today’s cultures worldwide. Some of these reasons are looks, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and economic background. This video attacks the discrimination of looks, but this could be a representation to express that discrimination happens for many different, unjust, and unnecessary reasons. The World Without Genocide organization believes in raising awareness for hate crimes such as genocide that take place in a world that should be far beyond these barbaric practices. Some parts of the world are not as fortunate as others and this organization wants change to take place for the better. A genocide in Darfur, Sudan has been taking place since 2003 and it is ran by a government funded and armed militia. The conflict between the people of Darfur and the militia was spurred by long waged civil wars that carried on for decades in a number of different conflicts. The victims to this hate crime are the Darfurian men, women, and children whose lives get destroyed by the Janjaweed militia men who plunder, kill, and rape everything that once held value to the people of Darfur. This type of terror can strip down a race of people including the survivors by forcing them to lose hope of ever making something of their life that they had once hoped and dreamed for as

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