Books Vs. Books : Books And Ebooks Essay

1226 Words Oct 22nd, 2015 null Page
Books are things we see in everyday life from when we were babies interested in the pretty colors we see in picture books to novels we take time to enjoy in our adulthood. Books and eBooks: same material, same content, same subject, but different usage. Since, physical books are making a comeback, digital eBooks’ sales have been dropping in the year 2014. EBooks was created in 1998 then became common with readers in the year 2008. Many booksellers were worried about the rise of eBooks when it became popular. Since eBooks were much cheaper than printed books more people tend to buy eBooks more. Also since numerous of people are using technology more like iPhones, tablets, and laptops that printed books then begin to seem old fashion and become a hassle to carry around. Then in 2011 when Borders declared bankruptcy many bookstore companies and owners far the worst. Now, since more people are back to using books, printed books’ sales have increased steadily keeping most book stores open, and companies are able to keep their doors open. The public is going back to physical books because of the some issues they had with eBooks. Some people have trouble in figuring out how to use an eBook. It takes longer to comprehend when reading an eBook than a physical book. The feeling of an actual book feels better than an eBook. For the older generation, before the generation z, have trouble with the new technology that’s created every day. Technology is forever changing that sometimes it…

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