BOOK REVIEW ON Emergence of a new nation In a multipolar world: Bangladesh

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Emergence of a new nation
In a multipolar world: Bangladesh

Written by
Dr. Mizanur Rahman Shelly

Cover Page:

The Book at a Glance:
Title: Emergence of a new nation in a multipolar world: Bangladesh
Edition: 4th Expanded Edition, April’2007.
Published by: Academic Press & Publishers Library.
Cover Design by: Golam Kabir
Price: TK 375.00
All Pages are offset.
Dedication: To his wife and beloved sons.

About the Author:
Dr. Mizanur Rahman Shelly
Born in 1943, Munshigonj.
Social Scientist, Educationist and Literature. Joined CSP On 1967.
Was minister for information and later for irrigation, flood control and water resource development.
Has been working
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2. Political history of mother tongue-from the beginning of the emergence of Pakistan that was cultural and linguistic discrimination between east and west Pakistan. The Awami Muslim League with other dissident political groups demanded the recognition of political and cultural rights of East Pakistan. When Pakistan tried to impose Urdu, a language as the only speech language of the country, the political parties of East Pakistan and several other organizations opposed these attempts through mass rallies, processions, meetings and demonstration during the period 1942-1952. A number of students lost their lives as a result of police firing on the procession. They became the first martyrs of Bengal for the cause of language, culture and autonomy.
3. Formation of united front government in 1954 and they demanded 21 points. Among other things the most important was full regional autonomy.
4. Proclaimed of martial law in 1958 - President Mirza proclaimed martial law in the country on 7th October’1958.On 27th October he himself was ousted by General Ayub Khan, who proceeded to build a Unitarian, centralized, dictatorial system with the support and sanction of

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