Sand County Almanac Essay

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Sand County Almanac By Volodymyr Hlohovskiy Sand County Almanac is as book that was written by Aldo Leopold. Aldo Leopold was a writer close to mid 1900ts. At first he was a prolific writer for scientific journals and conservation magazines, but on 1937 something changed. He became focused on reaching the general public with his conservation message. He began writing the book that I will be talking about in this essay. It was a long journey for Leopold. He dedicated as much as 12 years on writing that book. He wrote it, re-wrote it, and then re-wrote it again, and even than the book was not completely done. A week …show more content…
When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” This is on of the quotes that I liked in the book. What Leopold means in this quote is that people abuse the earth because they think that they own it. and that they have the right to do that. There is the other side of people who treat the earth as a community that they are in but it doesn’t belong to them, it was given to them to take care of it. “The modern dogma is comfort at any cost.” This is another one of my favorite quote out of the book, which I also was challenged by. Aldo simply says that people do not care what it cost as long as they are comfortable. We can we this standpoint throughout almost the whole book. People do whatever they have to do to be comfortable and not caring about what it will cause on a global scale. “We all strive for safety, prosperity, comfort, long life, and dullness.”. This quote goes along with the ones I talked about before. It says that people want the best things but unfpturenatlly they don’t think of the cost it might cost. The topic that I was challenged by is being mindful of the nature, thinking of ways how to keep it the way it originally was and the way it supposed to be istead doing whatever comforts me. Because often I am not mindful of the nature and do things that on a larger scale will cause

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