Book Review : ' An American Writer, Journalist, And Educator. Coates '

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Ta-Nehisi is an American writer, journalist, and educator. Coates is a national correspondent for The Atlantic, where he writes about cultural, social and political issues, particularly regarding African-Americans. Coates was born in Baltimore, Maryland, to father William Paul "Paul" Coates, a Vietnam war veteran, former Black Panther, publisher and librarian, and mother Cheryl Waters, who was a teacher ‘Coates ' father founded and ran Black Classic Press a publisher specializing in African-American titles. The Press grew out of a grassroots organization, the George Jackson Prison Movement (GJPM). Initially the GJPM operated a Black book store called the Black Book. Later Black Classic Press was established with a tabletop printing press in the basement of the Coates family home. Coates ' father had seven children, five boys and two girls, by four women. ‘Coates ' father 's first wife had three children, Coates ' mother had two boys, and the other two women each had a child. The children were raised together in a close-knit family; most lived with their mothers and at times lived with their father. Coates said he lived with his father the whole time In Coates ' family, Coates said that the important overarching focus was on rearing children with values based on family, respect for elders and being a contribution to your community. This approach to family was not uncommon in the community where he grew up. Coates grew up in the Mondawmin neighborhood of Baltimore during the…

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