Essay about Book Report on Sun Tzu: Art of War and Management

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A Peak from a Perspective

A deep breath. We’re waging a war. It seems that in any kind of business, there is somewhat of a battle to be fought, whether with the company itself or with other organizations vis-à-vis the company. As to how to skate through the rocky atmosphere with a graceful land from a triple hoop axel jump is discussed in the book, Sun Tzu: Art of War and Management although in a different view. Through its different principles in war, each concept is translated as to how it can be used in the business showground. The principles begin from making a decision whether waging a war is practical or not. In business perspective, this translates to the idea whether entering into a business would be rational. The viability of
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His objective was to regain market leadership and trounce ABS-CBN. This meant committing more funds to the station’s operations so that it could produce more local shows and improve its facilities. The initial strategy was a sneak attack into non-primetime shows, the morning and afternoon slots which ABS-CBN seemed to have neglected. Since GMA already dominated the noontime slot with its variety shows Eat Bulaga, the network enticed its viewers to continue watching beyond the noontime slot with soaps and telenovelas1. This particular situation represents two concepts discussed in The Art of War and Management, namely, the concept of the need to attack under the principle of attack and the principle of exploiting strengths in areas ignored by the enemy. The first concept states that in business, one should compete openly, not by merely defending one’s own business. With regards to GMA being dominant in the noontime slot, it did not simply take the defensive side; it took the offensive by concentrating in the non-primetime shows. The second principle manifests the choice of battleground to compete in where the enemy does not defend or where its defense is weak. This battle of the two networks still continues. When one network comes up with a successful show, the other has to come up with own to prove that it is the better network. We are

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