Book Report On The Book ' People ' Essay

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Based on the summary on the back of the book, people may think the book is good and it’s going to be quite interesting. The first chapter made the book seem like it was going to be boring because it started off really slow and very descriptive with a lot of description. But after chapter 1, the story started to gain some momentum and it became interesting. What makes the book more interesting is the fact that it discusses sexuality and self-identity which is a huge topic right now in America. At first glance many may think that the woman on the cover was the guy and that the guy was a transgender. But, after reading it, readers will determine that the woman is the main character Mr.Lowe’s wife,Miss Sylvie, and the man, Mr.Lowe, is really a woman who acted and dressed as a man. Lowe lives her life as a man majority of the time because it is a protective exterior that prevents the fear of rejection from others .
With the title being The Pagoda without looking at the cover, a reader may think that the book will discuss the structure in China and the history of it.People will definitely recommend this book to those who like suspenseful plots and interesting ending.This book definitely is something that keeps readers intrigued and engaged. Reading may think that they’re going to read a little bit and put it down but, it’s definitely a book where people would love to see the rest of the twist and turns and unusual plot.
In many ways, one of the main characters, Mr. Lowe, may…

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