Book Report : My Tour Of The Castle Essays

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On a beautiful afternoon, I was at Belle’s luxurious castle, drinking hot tea and eating delicious sweets with her at her backyard, and I asked her why she would fall in love with an ugly beast rather than the handsome Gaston; and whether she did not think how the people of the town would think of the beast and her. Belle put her cup down and answered, “Do you mind taking a walk with me. I will give you a tour of the castle”. I nodded and followed her through her garden where filled with colorful flowers, and we went inside the castle and she pushed open a door of a room where was packed with all types of books. “Wow. There are many books here. It must took you a lot of time to organize this”, I said. Belle shook her head and said, “Well. It did take a lot of effort to put hundreds of books on the shelf. But, it was the beast whom actually did all this. He knew that I love to read, and bought all these books to give me a surprise”. Belle quickly climbed up the stairs and grabbed a book from the shelf. She then led me to a wooden-round table, and we both sat down. Belle said, “In the town, no one would care about my feeling. They even think that a woman should not read. But here, the beast would read with me”. She continued to talk as she was turning the page, “The beast was scary, and I even ran out of the castle. But, he has the warmest heart. When I was in dangerous, he was willing to save me. And when my father was sick, he letted me go”.…

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