Book Analysis: The Lost City Of Atlantis

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Atlantis, The Underwater Paradise, A Fantasy Or A Reality?

The Lost City of Atlantis is a tale told by a man named Plato who was an ancient Greek philosopher who has left historians, explorers, archaeologists and scientists extremely baffled. According to Plato, the city of Atlantis is a society of people that are half god and half human or better known as demigods. Atlantis was made by Poseidon, the god of the seas, he made Atlantis due to his love for a woman named Cleito. The myth is that the people of Atlantis were extremely wealthy but that unfortunately led them to be greedy and they ended up attacking Africa, Egypt and Europe. The gods, of course, weren’t happy with this so Zeus, the gods of gods, sent earthquakes and floods. Then
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In his best seller book ‘Atlantis, the Antediluvian World’, populist writer, amateur scientist and U.S Congressman Ignatius Donnelly has introduced the theory that Atlantis was a continent. Donnelly’s book is a reliable source because he shows his understanding of how Atlantis was a continent in extreme detail. He adds other sources into his book like pictures, diagram, charts etc. The inspiration of Ignatius Donnelly’s book was Helena Blavatsky, she wrote the book ‘Isis Unveiled’ which was sold out on the very first day it was published! But only ONE page in her entire book talks about Atlantis. In her single page, she claimed that the people of Atlantis were actually the “fourth race” on our planet. She also said that they were superhumans that had psychic powers. Later in 1884, Indian press declared that she was a fraud and that she wrote plagiarism. The London Society for Psychical Research did an investigation and in the following year, they exposed her as a sham, a fake and an imposter. ‘The Secret Doctrine’ is another book she wrote and was published just before she died. This time her book talks a lot about Atlantis. Her book was more believable due to the fact that she had evidence of an ancient text that she claims that it is written in Atlantean. Ignatius and Helena are known as the "Father of modern Atlantis research” and “Grandmother of the new age …show more content…
Charles Berlitz was the man who thought of this theory and was the author of a worldwide known book called ‘The Mystery Of Atlantis’. Not only was he a very successful author, he was an American linguist and language teacher. He was also a favourite among many students. His book is dependable and is very detailed. He explains in his words that his theory is the most logical theory by far. The book shows evidence of geophysics, psychic studies, classical literature, tribal lore, and archaeology. Rachel O'Donoghue is another believer who is actually a freelance journalist in the United Kingdom. Rachel wrote an article about Atlantis being swallowed by the Bermuda Triangle. There is evidence that makes this theory believable, for example, photos and videos explaining the theory thoroughly, though there is no mention of Charles Berlitz, it is most likely she took inspiration from Mr

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