Bodybuilding : A Super Power And Becoming A Superhero Essays

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Way back when I was young, I was always the same size of everyone around me more or less. I grew up getting skinnier as my metabolism shot up and getting chubby when it slowed down. But even though I was like everyone else, I didn’t like the idea of being normal. I always wanted to be better than everyone in my own way, whether that be developing a super power and becoming a superhero or having some small characteristic that made me shine out among the rest of everyone. I soon realized that that would never happen and that it was a foolish dream until I came across bodybuilding one day. Bodybuilding is the art of taking one’s body and pushing it to its limits, both mentally and physically. To have the ultimate physique is the main goal of every bodybuilder, including myself, whether it be for competitions or just a self-set goal. This caught my interest and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. The main reasons why I find bodybuilding so interesting are; how you are able to build your best body, the history, and the relationships that it builds along the way. In bodybuilding, the main point of all the weightlifting and food portioning amounts to being able to build the best self that you can muscle-wise. Countless hours spent in the gym can be put to waste if you don’t count your macronutrients, this means that if you tear every muscle fiber in your bicep then there needs to be enough protein to rebuild it and even more to further increase the size of your muscles. Then…

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