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University of La Salette, Inc.
College of Engineering and Architecture Dubinan East, Santiago City Project Proposal for Santiago City Multi-Purpose Sports Complex: “The Blank Center” Group Members: Babaran, Kevin John T. Dela Cruz, Georgio M. Labayog, Michael Karl Kenneth R. Pagsuyoin, Marwin B. Patague, Patricia E. Ms. Thelma G. Baloran, MAED

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT To our dedicated and supportive professor, Ms. Thelma Baloran, we offer our thanks and gratitude for guiding us in the early stages of our thesis. We send our appreciation to our parents as well, for granting us the necessary resources and motivation to accomplish our work. To our peers, we thank you for the encouragement and confidence
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There are a number of methods to address the situation. From promoting cleanliness and citizen discipline to patronizing local products, the city’s attraction level may be improved. The group, however, proposes to create a city landmark. The landmark being a multi-purpose sports complex housing different facilities for various activities such as basketball, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, track and field, and dance among many others. The project is proposed in lieu of the ruined facility formerly known as the Antonio M. Abaya Coliseum. The group plans to supplement the city’s former coliseum with other facilities as stated above. In addition, the proposed location is also different from the original coliseum’s location; this is to help with the groups plans for expanding the facilities, as well as to prevent congestion in traffic since the previous location, located in the city’s market square in Barangay Centro East, is known for being a narrow pass. The project’s purpose, in addition to the attraction factor, is to serve as the venue for interaction among neighboring towns and regions. This ensures a friendly relationship is maintained from city to city and region to region. The complex would also serve to allow the citizens of Santiago to engage in active and competitive sports, the difference being that participants would be able to enjoy the luxury of complete

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