Essay on Body Transofrmation

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If you are looking for ways to transform your body, then congratulations you have come to the right place! Bodybuilding is the only sport that can get your body tuned up by responding to progressive weight resistance training which leads to hypertrophy. Today however, bodybuilding has become an industry and sadly the beauty of it has transformed into the supplements that you take rather than the physical and mental preparation. If you google bodybuilding workout, you will get more than 25 million results! The sport of bodybuilding has never been more popular as athletes of all sports, movie stars, pop icons are amongst the most notable ambassadors of this sport.
A simple walk to the nearest bookstore is enough to introduce you to the
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From a marketing standpoint such approach is correct because it is engaging and is likely to build up a business to consumer relationship which the paramount of a successful marketing strategy. Nothing is better than a returning customer! Ethically it can be seen as a scam because it is very unlikely that with some powder which says pure protein on top of it (with only 60% actual protein per serving) to make a difference. The perfect protein intake for a physically active individual is at least one gram of protein per kilo bodyweight on daily basis. This is the minimum amount that your body needs to replenish itself and repair muscle tissues faster so that you can train more often at a higher intensity.
Beginners who are likely to be low literate consumers are attracted by the packaging mainly that protein powders come in, their experts know that for a fact and that is why there is an egregious emphasis on the packaging. The bigger, the better results it will provide in consumer’s mind. It is quite strange to me that in magazines nobody talks about the dependence that you can develop to such products. Nobody talks about the physical impact that is followed by the emotional response. Let’s say that you are having two scoops of some muscle building powder for a month maybe two. During that time, you were able to lift about 10 – 15 kgs more with a slight physical improvement, big enough to be

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