Bo Knew Football and Baseball, and He Didn’t Major in Either One of Them.

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It is the dream of many young children and teenagers to become a professional athlete, most of them have a favorite athlete that they idolize. When children are very young it is important to encourage them to dream, and to pursue their passions. But there comes a time when it is not in the child’s best interest to mislead them into thinking they actually have a chance at becoming a pro athlete. According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (2013), only 2% of college athletes are talented enough to play at the professional level. Logically thinking, this means that 98% of student athletes should be preparing themselves in college with a back-up plan for life after collegiate sports, right? Unfortunately, this is not the …show more content…
Unfortunately Harmon never finished his degree, but even if he had, the courses he was taking to “earn” the degree would not have helped him prepare for any kind of career; so what does it matter. Manley attended Oklahoma State University for four years, and left unable to read even a newspaper. These are just two examples of the “education” that student athletes receive at many of our country’s universities. The only reason we know of their stories is because they were talented enough to move on to the next level, and were able to bring light to this situation. Harmon enjoyed a long successful career in the NFL, and Manley eventually went back to school so he could learn to read. What are the stories of the other ninety eight percent each year who are not talented enough to have a professional career in sports? What were they able to make of their lives after not making the best of their time while in college? If we give student athletes the option to major in their sport, we would essentially be awarding them the same type of worthless degree as Harmon was working towards.
Petina contrasts the previous examples against two schools who value academics as high as they do athletics, Duke University and the University of Notre Dame. Historically, both have always been ranked among the top schools which graduate the

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