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1.Idea Generations

1. Listerine Colour Changing Mouthwash 2. Listerine Mouth Spray 3. Listerine Gum 4. Listerine Animal Mouth wash 5. Listerine Teeth Whitening mouthwash 6. Listerine Plaque eraser 7. Listerine Tar removal 8. Listerine Bubblegum flavour for kids 9. Listerine toothpaste 10. Listerine Body wash 11. Listerine female hygiene 12. Listerine teeth wipes 13. Listerine dental floss 14. Listerine Facial wash 15. Listerine tongue cleaner 16. Listerine Nail Polish removal 17. Listerine Electronic Toothbrush 18. Listerine Shaving cream 19. Listerine Hand wash 20. Listerine deodorant 21. Listerine Saline Solution 22. Listerine Denture cleaner 23. Listerine Oral care
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Lightly scraping away any coating on the tongue can greatly improve the fragrance of one's breath for at least a few hours. Certain bacteria-slaying mouthwashes provide short-term freshness, too, although many produce unpleasant side effects, such as a tingling sensation in the mouth. Lately some scientists have developed innovative mouth rinses that neutralize the rancid compounds produced by bacteria.
Three different concept A. Pairing up with hotel to distribute new products sample to the staff (e.g concierge, front desk managers) and finding out the feedback from them. B. Packaging new product with existing mouthwash (bundle pack) . Customer like it and will ‘’find out more from the website provided’’. Site tracker to track the number of visitor (interested consumer). C. Promoting and setting booth on CBD area to gather feedback. (SURVEY)

(may be use for test marketing)

Marketing strategy development 1. Product
Oral Care Fine Mist – * kill stubbornly stinky bad breath germ. * Convenience as in easy to carry around. * Able to maintain Refreshing breath whenever you want to * With 5 current Listerine target flavour. * How to position ?

2. Price
Identified the target market which result in the price quoted.
Distributed to Singapore
Same price range as the mints .(app ~ 4 bucks)
100k sample distributed to Listerine sales channel.
Half a million of marketing budget. 3. Place

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