Bmw Film Essay

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Case: BMW Film. Answer the following question:

- 1/ Was the BMW film idea a good one? How successful has the campaign been? - 2/ What was the motivation behind the idea? Who was the target market for the BMW films campaigns? - 3/ What should McDowell do? Which option should he pick?

Answer :

1/ Was the BMW film idea a good one? How successful has the campaign been?
Answer :
Definitely it is. Firstly,The BMW Film ‘ The Hire’ attracts nine million people to view it on BMWfilms website. In this case it is effective to promote its brand to a wide range of audience. Secondly, since comments from both website and conventional main-stream media are overwhelmingly postive, such as, ‘Absolutely fantastic !’ ‘Wow.
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Therefore, it is not a good option.

1. Before, BMW was regarded as most luxury cars. It taget young professionals who seek prestige and performance. Sooner later, it found itself saddled with an outdated image as a “yuppie car ”manufaturer. And the competition comes from japan also threat its postion. Thus, BMW decided to take serveral steps to go back to its deminate postion. 1. the introduction of a number of new models in its core series 2. an aggressive pricing strategy 3. the reorganization of its dealer network 4. the introduction of serveal new series a new brand image was formulated. DNA is the world’s most exciting luxury cars but its advertisements became edgier and more youthful.

2. Advertising campaign in particular in which we focused on the “responsive performance ” theme. In the campaign, our ads provided viewers with the perspective that they were directly behind the wheel of a car.

Target group of people : the average BMW customer was about 46 years old, with a median income of about $150000. Most BMW customers were well-educated, married, and had no children. 2 /3 were male.
Technology was important to the BMW. It’s no wonder they use the internet so frequently.
BMW customers tended to be very loyal to the brand.

Marketing Approach :
Due to the company’s size and limited marketing budget,

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